About Us

NailSalonSafety.com is an awareness campaign funded by Alfa Medical, Inc.  Alfa Medical has been THE sterilizer experts since 1975, and their corporate site can be found at Sterilizers.com.

Alfa Medical has a history of applying its expertise towards health crises as they arise.  In October, 2001 many of the large media companies began receiving anthrax in the mail.  Alfa Medical quickly ran some tests and discovered that these companies could protect themselves by sterilizing all their incoming mail with large, steam sterilizers while preserving the contents of the mail items themselves.

Here are some of the companies which Alfa Medical helped to protect during the anthrax scare:

The new public health challenge

In 2005, after Paul Abdul made the headlines with the infections she received from her nail salon experience, Alfa Medical began to work on this issue.  At that time, many states weren’t strictly enforcing their nail salons health standards.

Since then, Alfa has continuously worked with the FDA, health activists, and local government officials to improve the health standards in nail salons across the country.  While the laws vary from state to state, all states are moving towards higher health standards.

But the biggest obstacle to date has been consumer awareness.  People just don’t understand what a sterilizer is, let alone the differences between UV, Dry Heat, and Steam sterilizers. We built this site to raise awareness and educate the millions of women (and thousands of men), who regularly frequent nail salons for manicures and pedicures.