If your nail salon does not have or use the right type of sterilizer you may contract dangerous bacteria from their infected tools. Here are the risks:

  1. Risk Level: MAX

    If your nail salon does not sterilize or disinfect their equipment AT ALL, then you are at risk.


    Ummm...hello? When you get a manicure or pedicure, the nail salon technician pushes back your cuticles and cuts off your dead skin. You might as well be wearing the shoes of every other woman who's been there that day.

  2. Risk Level: HIGH

    If your nail salon uses a sterilizer, but it looks like one of these white, plastic toasters, you are at risk.


    Unfortunately, many nail salons have what they think is a sterilizer, but really might as well be a toaster. These "plastic toasters" are officially called a "UV Sterilizer" which uses Ultra-Violet rays to TRY to kill bacteria. This does not work, and is absolutely not approved by the FDA for actual sterilization.

  3. Risk Level: MEDIUM

    If your nail salon does not use a sterilizer, but DOES use disinfectant, then you are at risk.


    Hospital Grade Disinfectant WILL sterilize the tools, but there's a big problem: The disinfectant requires the tools to be soaked for 10 hours after each use. For that to be used properly, no one set of tools can be used in the same day. That's a LOT of tools for the nail salon to have on hand.

  4. Risk Level: LOW

    If your nail salon uses a sterilizer that looks like one of these metal toasters, you may still be at risk.


    These metal toasters are known as "Dry Heat Sterilizers" and they ARE able to kill all the bacteria on the tools. But there's a problem with these, similar to the hospital grade disinfectant: The tools must be kept in the sterilizer for 90 minutes in order to be sterilized, or else the bacteria won't be killed.

    In order for the Dry Heat Sterilizer to be effective for nail salons, each nail technician must have 12 sets of tools. If they don't then they will have to stop the sterilizer midway through.

  5. SAFE

    If your nail salon has a steam sterilizer, then your safety level is high.


    There are many different steam sterilizers to choose from, and they range in price as well as quality. But when it comes to the right sterilizer for a nail salon, the shorter the cycle, the better.

    There are some that have very fast cycles but may cost more than most nail salons want to spend. If your nail salon has a sterilizer that looks like the one on the right, you know they've done their homework. It is only a 30 minute cycle, and is much more affordable than many other steam sterilizers.

    There are many retailers who sell these sterilizers. It's important to let your nail salon know that only steam sterilizers provide the right kind of protection. Here's a Google search for many different retailers providing these kinds of sterilizers: Click Here

Does your nail salon meet these safety requirements?

  1. If Yes

    Please enter their information here so other women can know where it's safe to get their manicures and pedicures. This site is still new, and we're using it to build a public resource for all women, and your input can really help!

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  2. If Not

    Please let your nail salon (politely) know that they're unknowingly putting you at risk. You can ask them to visit this website NailSalonSafety.com or simply ask them to do a Google search for or Nail Salon Steam Sterilizer.