Nail Salon Safety In The News

“…Many salons use UV sterilizers, which look like toaster ovens, to sterilize tools. These won’t kill bacteria. The best way to sterilize tools is with an autoclave …”
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“…[Marie Claire] Beauty editor Didi Gluck went for a standard manicure, but awoke in the middle of the night to find one of her hands with freshly painted nails, throbbing, swollen and so painful she raced to the ER.”
Fox News

“A few years ago, ‘American Idol’ judge Paula Abdul battled a long and painful thumb infection she says she picked up at a Los Angeles nail salon.”

“Ask the beautician to use only sterilized products in order to ensure care and caution. The usage of non-sterilized instruments can lead to many infections because the same instruments are used on multiple people for the same treatments thus exposing you to many germs and diseases.”
Girls Online Magazine

“A Westminster, Colo., woman has won a jury award of $3.1 million against a nail salon that she claims gave her herpes through the use of non-sterile instruments.”
ABC News

“’s just important to inquire about how the instruments are sterilized and if the facilities are sterilized between patients. And that is more than just rubbing them down with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide, they need to be sterilized.”
University of Iowa, Health Care