1) Health Risks

2) How To Stay Safe

3) Nail Salon Safety Checklist

The Health Risks You Take Every Time You Get A Manicure or Pedicure. 

During manicures and pedicures, when they push the cuticles back and cut them, the tools they use touch fungal infections on the feet of other women.  These fungal infections are bacteria, and they are not necessarily washed off the tools after each use.  Sure, they dip them in solution, and may wipe them down with a towel, but bacteria is very small. 

All that needs to happen, is that the same tool which touched fungus from another woman is used to push back your cuticle, and even though you won't bleed, it breaks enough skin on your foot that the other woman's fungus enters your blood stream and then you have it. 

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What exactly are you risking getting?  You can get
a) Foot fungus
b) another risk
c) another risk